Terms of Service

for the SparkMC Server Store


SparkMC is NOT associated with Mojang/AB, all purchases that go to SparkMC are used for enhancement of the server/external upgrades. But in no way does purchasing anything affect your Mojang account/user experience.


All purchases are final, any attempt to chargeback/make a claim that is false will be disputed.


If you have any inquiries/problems with your purchase or anything on the server, please do not hesitate to email/contact the owner or a staff member on the forums.

Contact Email: general@sparkmc.net


You will receive your rank within 5-10 minutes of purchase, if an error occurs please do not hesitate to contact a staff member.


1. Using hacked clients/macros or the infringement of any server/forum rules might result in your account being banned, remember all purchases are tied to the account you buy them on. This cannot and will not be refunded/changed or moved to another account.


2. SparkMC is in control of what is on your account, if we see fit we may change/remove any item on that said account.


3. You must agree to be 18+ years of age while purchasing an item, or have consent from a legal adult/guardian.


4. The Terms of Service (TOS) is subject to change at any time.


5. In-game items are intangible, meaning they can be edited/changed at any time. 


6. The TOS (Terms of Service) is viewable at any time, ad-blocking plugins or 3rd party plugins cannot view/alter the view of the TOS, meaning you have read it before agreeing to purchase an item on the server.